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Detox is to purge the body of harmful toxins that cause damage to your bodies vital organs. We have a high quality Detox program that not only rids the body of harmful chemicals but replaces the essential minerals need for the body to function properly.

Detox Kit



The first step to a healthy immune system is to open the drainage pathways prior to deeper detoxification. Primary pathways include liver, kidney, intestines, lungs, stomach and pancreas with secondary pathways of skin, mucus membranes, nose and genitals. The vehicles for removing toxins include blood, lymph, air and water. Bi-annual use of OPENING CHANNELS addresses each of these factors.

  • Pure Body Clear - Systemic cleaning; liver cleansing
  • Colon Clear - Gentle intestinal stimulant; clears & cleans the gut
  • Flora Synergy - Right-spinning probiotic; displaces non-beneficial bacteria; promotes healthy digestive tract
  • Catalyst-7 or Catalyst-U – Bio - energetically activated digestive enzymes
  • SpectraMin - Right-spinning ionic trace minerals; supports electrolyte balance essential for hormone development and cell detoxification
  • AminoGest or GALT-Immune - Immune system support; aids in irritable bowel, leaky gut and chronic fatigue
  • ReHydration - Aids in the rehydration process


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